Hiring Home Care Aides / Caregivers

At Support For Home In-Home Care, we have a policy that we believe is basic to improving the integrity and quality of home care as an industry.  To understand the policy, first one might need a little background on the nature of employment in home care, as a professional caregiver.

Our employees are working 1:1 with a client, or perhaps a married couple, providing services in the areas of homemaker, concierge / companion and personal care.  Those services are delivered, of course, in the client’s home.  By definition, such assignments are unstable.  The client may decide to move into assisted living – or be forced by health issues into a skilled nursing facility.  Or, the client may decide they really like Phoenix better than the Sacramento area, or want to move in with family in another locale.  Sadly, of course, the client may pass away.

Thus, the assignments that professional Home Care Aides have are temporary and, for the most part, part-time.  We have professional caregivers on staff who provide services to two or three clients during the course of a week.

Because of this instability of assignments, some Home Care Aides work for several home care agencies.  Frankly, we understand this and have no problem with it at all.  Most of our own employees do only work for us, but that is their choice. 

As long as the Home Care Aide is working for another agency as an employee, that is fine, especially if it is another agency that is operating according to the requirements for certification by CAHSAH or is a member of the National Private Duty Association (NPDA), in terms of integrity toward the clients.  We happened to be one of the first agencies certified by CAHSAH but are now focused on NPDA, the national organization.

However, we tell applicants that we will not hire them if they are taking private clients (being paid directly by the client) or working for a referral agency, unless the caregiver can prove to us that such clients are protected by:

  • liability insurance, paid for by the agency or caregiver
  • workers compensation insurance, paid for by the agency or caregiver
  • unemployment insurance, paid for by the agency or caregiver
  • dishonesty bond, paid for by the agency or caregiver
  • adequate background investigations, paid for by the agency or caregiver
  • TB screening, paid for by the agency or caregiver
  • all payroll taxes (employer and employee), paid for by the agency or caregiver

If the person who wants to work for Support For Home and work privately as an “independent contractor” can document to us that these safety precautions are covered for their non-Support For Home clients, fine.  Otherwise, they will not work for us.

We protect our own clients, and we insist that anyone associated with us does the same, even for non-Support For Home clients.  Has that resulted in good caregivers not working for us?  It has, in fact.  And that is just fine with us.

No matter who you hire to provide home care for you or a loved one, insist on the protection you need and deserve.

Best wishes, Bert


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