Hospital Beds & Aesthetics

 I don’t usually post what amounts to an advertisement, but we have a lot of clients who utilize hospital beds. 

Some of those clients hate the “antiseptic” look of the hospital bed.  It is great in terms of functionality, but it reduces, somewhat, the feeling of “home.”  So, when Gary sent me the message below, I looked at what he has created, and I like it.  I do not own any stock in the company, I swear :-), and I have not seen the quality first hand.  However, if you or a loved one would like to make a hospital bed “feel” more like a part of home, you might want to check out Gary’s work.

Best wishes, Bert

Gary Owens August 25 at 2:25pm
My name is Gary Owens. I am a full time caregiver for my wife Gina. One of the problems I had, was keeping our bedroom home-like with all the medical equipment ( home hospital bed, etc ) we needed. I want to share something with you, that made a huge difference for both of us. I invented a wood slip-over Head and Footboard that slides over the ends of an ugly hospital bed and turns it into a beautiful piece of furniture. It can be used at home or in a long term care facility. It’s never been done before, therefore people don’t know to ask for it. They just suffer in silence with their sterile, clinical looking rooms. All ages enjoy the home-like look and feel it adds, without losing the function of their hospital bed. Go to for details.
If we only improved the environment for one family, it would be worth our effort. I would love to speak with you. Give me a good time and number and I will call. I can be reached at the numbers below. Thanks for your help.
Gary Owens
877-407-4440 x105

2 responses to “Hospital Beds & Aesthetics

  1. I interviewed Gary on my “Transition Aging Parents” radio show.
    You can listen to Gary’s story, hear about his motivation in creating TenderCare Beds and how it dramatically changed his disabled wife’s outlook on life.

    Here’s the link to the archived recording of our interview:


  2. Thank you, Dale. I like it very much. Please keep commenting. I love to learn from pros. 🙂


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