Even In Senior Care, You Find Sharks

You see them everywhere, in every type of business.  Infomercials – whether on TV or not – that promise to make you slimmer (by holding your wallet for you), smarter, younger, healthier, happier, sexier, stronger, faster, whatever-er.

Sometimes, you just laugh and keep on going through the channels or the magazine pages or driving past the billboard.  They are comic relief, and you think, “Nobody could possibly take that seriously.”  But, of course, some people do, or the sharks would not be getting fed.

Then you see something that just makes you angry.  For us, the threshold involves the folks we assist – the seniors who need help with Activities of Daily Living, the dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers, folks with chronic diseases, such as MS or Parkinson’s or COPD.  These folks are not just our clients.  They are our extended family.  When we see sharks trying to take advantage of them, we do not just shake our heads and move on.  We get angry.

At Support For Home, we follow a lot of great people and organizations on Twitter.  Our Facebook page has a lot of friends and a lot of dialogue.  We think networking with colleagues in the elder care / home care industry is very important, including with competitors.  Our goal is for us to get better, but also for us to help the overall quality of senior care improve.

But, when we see a shark, we swim the other way, and we make sure they know it.  We did that today, with an organization we had been following on Twitter.  They posted some nonsense about dementia being reversible, with a link to some “natural foods” that will be just the ticket.  We are not following any longer.

When someone tries to tell us that eating 12 kiwi fruits and other wonderful things they would be happy to provide will reverse dementia, we know one of two things is happening.  Either they are true believers without a clue – which is dangerous enough.  Or, they have a whole lot of very sharp shark’s teeth.  In either case, we do not want to be in the same pool.

As soon as there is a cure for dementia (of which there are over 1,000 types, so there is never going to be “a” cure), we will lead the celebration.  Until then, do something useful to help those suffering.  Selling them 5 lbs. of organic strawberries probably is not the answer.

Best wishes, and keep an eye on who / what is nibbling on your toes.  Bert


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