Home Care: Courage

The only thread that ties this particular  post together is that it involves some things we see on an on-going basis at Support For Home In-Home Care.  Some of those are positive; others are not.  But they are all real.  They are all human. 

We are all familiar with the concept of courage; that courage is only possible when there is awareness of a danger or a cause for worry or alarm – or even a situation that for many would cause despair.  In the world of home care, we see courage every single day.

We see it in the dementia sufferer who is still aware of her plight and conscious of the fact that the disease will progress.  But she continues to live and strive and love and be the center of her family’s universe.

We see courage in the spouse who knows her own physical limitations, her own psychological and emotional stresses, but says, “He wants to stay at home, and I will help him stay here for as long as is possible, and a bit more.”

We see it in the siblings, who have their own rivalries, going back maybe 50 years, but who consciously and conscientiously set those rivalries aside to do what is right for their father.

We see courage exhibited by parents who struggle financially, as well as emotionally, whose own relationships are sorely tested by the strains of caring for a child stricken by a severe and chronic illness.

We see it in our employees, our Home Care Aides who bond with our clients, knowing that there is a very high probability of losing them.  Clients move to be with families or must go to a skilled nursing facility, or they pass away.  As one of our caregivers said a couple of weeks ago, after the death of a client, “You never get over it.”  And yet, they have chosen this profession.  They know what the pain is like, but they have the courage to go on, to help the next client have the best life possible.

So, I guess there is a thread here, which means I have to change the title with which I started writing.  The thread that unites our clients and families and caregivers is courage.  Courage supported by passion and love.

Best wishes, Bert


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