Case / Care Management in Senior Care

We have talked in previous articles about the need for a Comprehensive Plan of Care in working with seniors and clients with disabilities or chronic illnesses.  That comprehensive service plan then needs to be managed, if it is going to be effective.  If the resources necessary to deliver those services are not found and coordinated, the client’s overall needs will not be met.

If that happens, a home care agency’s “slice” of the pie will not be adequate, whether that is Support For Home or any other agency.  Either the agency will be fired or the client will be forced to give up her or his hope of aging in place, at home.

Hopefully, by now, it is obvious that we have a lot of respect for geriatric care management.  In fact, our Director of Client Services holds a Masters in Social Work and has been doing geriatric social work and care management for a long time. So, where is the but…?, you may be asking.  🙂

The but is that because we are providing care management as part of our home care agency operation, we do not charge for it.  If we were offering GCM services as a line of business, it would absolutely be separate from and hands-off relative to our home care line of business.  That is what the ethics of GCM operations require. 

If I hire a Certified Financial Planner, I expect her to charge me, directly, for her services and NOT to recommend investments in a company that helps pay her salary or commissions.  There should be no fiduciary relationship except with me. 

If I want a stock broker who is on commission or who has a quota of sales, fine.  I can do that.  But, if I want absolutely, positively objective, unbiased information about financial investments and money management, I want a Certified Financial Planner who bills me directly.  If I want absolutely, positively objective, unbiased information about the services I need in my comprehensive plan of care, I want a Geriatric Care Manager who bills me directly and is not on the payroll of any of the service providers.


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