Parkinson’s and Exercise

There are many good on-line sources for people in this industry, as well as for families concerned about senior care and home care.  We want to point to two of them today.

One of the sites is more general in nature.  That is the National Senior Living Providers Network.  It has a good Web site, as well as serves as the umbrella for one of the groups in LinkedIn focused on the issues of caregiving and aging in place.  If you are a member of LinkedIn, you might want to explore that group.  The other site is Delay The Disease, focused on exercise as a critical part of therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.

What brings these two sites into focus today is an article on a new exercise program from Delay The Disease designed to help with the issue of micropraphia.  For many Parkinson’s patients, the difficulty forming script letters and the tendency to write very small is a problem in communication.  The exercise program involves “completing a group of 4 different large muscle, big movement exercises every day for a period of 12 weeks.”

It is definitely worth exploring.  The article can be found at the NSLPN Web site.

The other


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