Passion to Improve Home Care

When we started Support For Home In-Home Care, we made a commitment that it would be more than a business.  We were leaving our high technology careers not because we were tired of them.  We certainly were not leaving to make more money – we knew we would be making considerably less, even in a successful home care company.  No, we were not “leaving” at all.  We were “going” somewhere that we felt was critically important and for which we recognized we had a passion.

One aspect of that passion is the desire to make the entire industry of senior care better than it was, than it still is.  At the same time, we are not particularly delusional.  We do not have a messianic complex that says we can do it all and do it by ourselves.  Instead, we looked and continue to look for allies and mentors who hold the same values.  We look for these folks wherever they exist, whether in the same market as us or in New England or Tennessee. 

We have been extremely lucky in that quest, including finding great friends and brilliant colleagues such as Lisa Blaskie, who owns home care agencies in San Francisco and Palm Springs, California, or a mother and daughter to rock Connecticut.  More than anything else, though, we have found great associations, formal and informal, who hold the same values and goals that we do for elder care. 

One of those associations is the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH), which is really the standards setting and certification body in California home care.  On a national level, we have been tremendously welcomed and encouraged by the National Private Duty Association (NPDA).  This membership organization includes many of the best and brightest in the home care industry, sharing openly every single day.  Kim Stoneking is the Executive Director and is clearly one of the passionate leaders of in-home care.  We are in the midst of planning next year’s annual conference — you will see a number of articles about that as time passes.  Kim exemplifies the passion we share, when he talks about our association’s vision, which is that, “NPDA is leading the industry that cares for people at home through advocacy and education.”  That advocacy and education is not just aimed at member agencies.  It is dedicated to our clients.  Advocating for quality and integrity in the provision of care is vital, as is delivering critical “information to consumers facing that important decision of locating a trusted home care agency.”

So, to NPDA and its members and leaders, thank you for sharing and supporting our passion to improve home care.

Best wishes, Bert


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