Some Tools for Seniors and Others

Top Health’s Well Connections has some nice, simple tools that many of us can take advantage of, whether we are seniors or not.  We would love to see more of our home care clients using these and others — including those you might recommend.

One of them is a self-assessment tool for eye health.  That one hits home with me, because I am naturally extremely nearsighted, which makes me prone to wet macular degeneration.  I have also had cataract surgery in both eyes and I am diabetic.  So, you can “see” this area is going to get a lot of my attention.

A second tool calculates our Body Mass Index (BMI).  And, yes, that weighs on my mind quite a bit.

I might as well get all the self-incriminating stuff out of the way.  A third tool calculates “Calories Burned in 10 Minutes of Activity” — quite a wide variety of exercises and normal movement.

The last tool is a screening guide to medical care — recommendations for frequency, issues, and so forth.

If you know of other nice tools out there to help us stay healthy and age well, please add a comment or send me an email.

Best wishes, Bert


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