So They're Not Accredited, But They Are!

At Support For Home In-Home Care, we think know we are pretty darn good at providing home care to our clients, whether they are seniors who want to age in place or folks recovering from surgery or people with disabilities who need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  We also know that we are still learning — and we intend to be in that mode for as long as we are in the senior care industry!

 One of the firms that we have no problem learning from is Accredited Nursing, in Southern California.  Barry Berger heads the operation, but we also have a lot of contact with Neil Rotter, who knows more about ethical marketing than just about anyone else we have met.  These two folks, with whom I have the privilege of serving on a committee of the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH), are truly leaders in the home care and home health arenas.

 What makes that so?  Well, one of our major issues with some other home care agencies is that their focus is all about the specific home care services that they provide.  For us, at Support For Home, our focus is one the comprehensive plan of care for our clients that goes beyond our services to include home safety, home health (including skilled nursing and physical therapy), durable medical equipment and so forth.  We provide — any home care company provides — only a slice of the overall “pie” that represents a client’s needs.

 Accredited Nursing “gets it.”  They provide a wide variety of services — check out their Web site, linked above — but they also focus on, as we do, protecting the client and the client’s family, by being the employer of record for their caregivers.  That means the family does not have to worry about taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, liability insurance and so forth.

 So, if I live in the Sacramento region and need home care, I am calling Support For Home.  If I’m in the LA area, you can count on the fact that I am talking to Accredited.

 Best wishes, Bert


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