Almost as Hard as Home Care!

At Support For Home, we have a lot of ideas and a lot of passion concerning managing a senior care / home care company.  We also have a lot of colleagues, friends, clients and family caregivers who have a lot of great things to say, as well.  And then there are all those news articles, studies and experts “out there” that we want to bring to as wide an audience as possible.  That is why we started the Support For Home blog.

Managing a home care company takes a lot of energy and knowledge.  I am finding that the same is true in talking about home care in our blog.  It is amazing how technical this stuff gets, very quickly.  Now, I did a lot of IT (information technology) work in prior lives, including writing a lot of software, but the technology and tools just keep changing!  It is great stuff, because it allows this kind of dialogue — and we love comments and questions — with people we will never get to sit down with over a glass of Zinfandel and just talk.

Every advance in technology, however, including blogging tools and environments, takes a while to be “humanized”; to be easy to use for those of us that are not entitled to call themselves geeks, anymore (they took my license away when I retired from Intel).  The same is true in home health and home care, in some ways.  Advances keep coming.  Research into dementia and Alzheimer’s and chronic illnesses that impact aging continue, thankfully.  Staying abreast of those advances is a challenge that we welcome and embrace — just like trying to learn how to do this blogging thing.  🙂

Best wishes, Bert


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