Some People Understand It's About Passion

So, Support For Home is all about senior care and helping folks live at home by providing assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  Then why am I so excited about CopyBlogger and GuestBlogging, by Jonathan Morrow?  As far as I know, he has not written anything about elder care or health care reform or dementia.

Frankly, it is very simple.  Jonathan Morrow has passion.  You see it in his writing and you hear it in his videos.  His passion is about helping folks like me, who have the need to communicate about our own passions. 

In my case, it is the passion that led my co-owner and I to leave senior management positions at Intel Corporation.  We left to start a business in an industry that our own parents’ stories told us was hurting.  We knew we were never going to make as much money as we did at Intel.  We did not care.  We had learned about the need so many seniors had for support of their own passion — aging in place, in their own homes.

Jonathan Morrow is not trying to sell me turn-key social media / social networking marketing solutions tailored to the home care industry.  He is trying to help me — and many others — communicate my own passion and message.  I love it.

If you have passion and a message, check out what Jonathan has to say.

Best wishes, Bert


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