Sun City Roseville Foundation

At Support For Home, we have the privilege of delivering in-home care as an invited provider to a truly wonderful community program.  The program is the Sun City Roseville Caregiver Relief Program.  It is funded by the Sun City Roseville Foundation and administered by the The Sunshine Services and Resources group.

The gist of the program is that families who live in that community, if they meet a few criteria, receive respite care from a few approved in-home care companies, with the Foundation paying about 75% of the cost.  The Foundation (Director, Helen Bisenius) also sponsors and organizes many other programs that are meaningful to residents.

Frankly, we would love to see the Caregiver Relief Program replicated in every retirement / senior community.  Being able to provide relief caregiving once a week, to enable the family caregiver to take a breather or attend to personal business is a very rewarding opportunity for us.  It is not that the program is really a revenue source for us, as a business.  We probably donate as much as we make!  Rather, this is a program that just fits so well with the passion that led us to start our home care company in the first place and that keeps us going.

So, to all the professionals and volunteers that make Sun City Roseville work and the Foundation possible, Thank You, from all of us at Support For Home.  May every other community look to your model and imitate it.  If you live in Sun City Roseville and are unfamiliar with the program — or need help — contact Sunshine Coordinators Clare Handcock at 786-7857 or Betty Meers at 771-2637.

Best Wishes, Bert


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