Robot Care for Seniors at Home?

OK, so I am a self-confessed techno-geek.  I did Information Technology work for 25+ years, including 18 years at Intel Corporation, retiring as an IT Director.  I love video games and computers and technology in general.

And then, there is “Elder Care Robot,” from Gecko Systems.  I believe that this kind of technology can play a significant future role in senior care, but at this stage, frankly it is just plain creepy. 

Most forms of technology start out looking as sad as this does, so I am not saying it is or will be a failure.  For some of our clients, automated medication containers pop open and tell the client it is time to take some pills.  The co-owner of Support For Home and I both supported Intel’s Digital Health business when we were in IT at that corporation.  We remain huge fans of the effort of our former colleagues.

All that having been said, I might have kept this metal beast under wraps for a bit longer, if I were Gecko Systems.  When they can build in a bit more “human touch” into their technology, they might just have something.  We will be happy to welcome them to our home care team.

Best wishes (including to caregiver robots), Bert


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