Could We Get a Little Attention!?

So, this is a fairly minor irritation, but it is a real one.  I do not intend to hire a lawyer or start a petition, but I am complaining, publicly (since it is in this blog) about MSNBC‘s categories for the Health section of their Internet site.
Actually, it is not just MSNBC, but that is a site I go to frequently, so I feel the proprietary right to criticize!

Our company, Support For Home, is dedicated to providing high quality in-home care to seniors who need help with Activities of Daily Living.  That is our passion.  The challenges of aging are many.  The focus on those challenges is inadequate, in terms of “news” coverage, beyond an occasionally “sexy” story about Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So, what are those categories?

  • Health Care
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Women’s Health
  • Kids and Parenting
  • Men’s Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Pet Health
  • Fitness
  • Cancer
  • Skin and Beauty

So, pet health and skin and beauty are more important, according to MSNBC, than Geriatrics and Gerontology.

If I turn to The New York Times, on the other hand, right smack in the middle of the Health page I find “The New Old Age: Caring and Coping,” a great, virtually daily series of articles on the issues we face as we get older. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not own any stock in The NY Times, nor am I selling MSNBC stock short.  😉  I just want to see more focus in the mainstream, general news outlets, on the issues of aging.

Best wishes, Bert


One response to “Could We Get a Little Attention!?

  1. Today many health problem arises due to improper diet and improper nutriton. so main thing is that people should attension to their diet and food they consume.


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