Adjusting to Death of Parents Is Hard

Today I finally got around to editing the Web site for Support For Home to reflect a rather significant change.  It was hard and I was very slow in doing so.  The change to the Web site was required because both of my parents died this year.

When my wife and I started Support For Home, our family’s stories were significant drivers.  We left Intel Corporation to start a home care business partially because of the stroke my wife’s father had and her observations of the impact on her mother’s health from being the primary caregiver.  Likewise, my folks reaching their 80s and beginning to need some help, especially my mother.  Their experiences and their needs went a long way toward educating us to the need for high quality, client-centric home care.

Those stories will never stop driving us to improve our own company and to maintain the standards we established.  I have finally updated the Web site to reflect the fact that my wife and I lost both of my parents over the last six months, but their inspiration and our memories will go on, as will our passion to provide the very best possible home care for seniors.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.

With love, Bert and Siew Pheng


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