Helping Caregivers Be All That They Can Be

From Carlotta Sanchez, Care Services Manager

At Support For Home one of my responsibilities is to make sure that our Home Care Aides receive the proper training and knowledge necessary to give the best care to our clients.  That covers a very broad range of issues, from continuing education credits for our Certified Nurse Assistants and Certified Home Health Aides to the glycemic index for blood sugar impact in diets for our clients.
Today, a caregiver had a question concerning support hosiery (compression stockings) and how to properly put them on a client. Support Hose are used to reduce stress on the blood vessels in the legs. They are essentially very tight fitting socks that come in different brands and varieties, which can go to the mid-calf, knees, and upper thighs.
For something this basic, there are no classes offered to teach a Home Care Aide how to do this, so they must find a willing healthcare professional to ask about it or go to the Internet, which is what I did. I found an excellent video on YouTube that describes how to easily put Support Hose on a client.  I do not endorse the Internet as the best source for how to be a great family or professional caregiver, but it does have some great insights to help Home Care Aides gain better understanding of the various tasks required.

So, check out the YouTube video on putting on compression stockings.  A great hint is that the gloves in the video can be switched out for dishwashing gloves, which can definitely make it easier to put the hose on.

We are always here to support our caregivers, to help them do their job and realize the talent and potential they have to continually give the optimal care our clients deserve.


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