Dementia & Alzheimer’s Series: #3

I originally published this post in 2010.  the blog referred to below is still going strong, and I recommend it as much today as I did then.  Please check it out.

Thanks.  Bert


Perhaps the most meaningful and moving resources for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s and for the families that love them are from people who are already suffering.  Their blogs, articles, books and interviews provide insights that we really need to continue to drive us to a cure.  They also are excellent reminders of the dignity of the individual and the respect they deserve. 

One such resource is Mike Donohue’s blog, plus his book, From AA to AD, a Wistful Travelogue.  Started in 2007, his blog began after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  One of the critical points he makes — there are a great many, in a blog with over 250 articles — is that we tend to focus so much on the cure (the future) that we forgot the needs of now:

AD needs more attention, in so many different ways, than it is getting. There is so much concentration on raising money to find a cure, little more than lip service to the universe of needs of those suffering the disease.

Take a long look at what Mr. Donohue has done for us.  It is worth it.

Just one other suggestion for today, which is actually a novel named STiLL ALiCE, by Lisa Genova.  Dr. Genova is a Neuroscientist who has written about a professor who develops early onset Alzheimer’s.  It is a story we should all know and feel.

Best wishes, Bert


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