Parkinson's Disease – A Major Focus

This past Saturday was the Parkinson Association of Northern California’s (PANC) Conference and Resource Fair, and Support For Home was delighted to be able to participate.  The program was great and the people were better.  🙂 

A number of our home care clients have Parkinson’s or related conditions.  Not only is it a real challenge to the client, obviously, but it is one of the most common conditions in which there is likely to be a spouse who is the primary caregiver.  Our role, in those situations, is to help the client but also to ensure that the primary, family caregiver gets the respite she or he needs.

In addition to their conference and other programs, PANC has a network of support groups across Northern California.  We have linked the list of those groups in this article.  If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s these support groups can be absolutely invaluable.

For folks in the Sacramento area (or who love casino nights!), there is also a “Play & Parlay 4 Parkinson’s Casino Night” on September 11th, from 5 to 9 PM.  It should be great fun and will definitely benefit the cause.

The next Conference & Resource Fair is in San Jose, at the Doubletree Hotel, on August 28th.


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