Quiche and Customer Service!

Okay, so this blog is not about our usual subjects, involving senior care or home care, but it does involve two other topics that my wife, the co-owner of Support For Home, and I love.  Normally, we would not talk much about quiche in this blog, but it is the wonderful combination of great quiche and great customer service that we have encountered that leads me to do so, today.

I cannot even remember the first time we ordered quiche at a Coco’s restaurant near our office, but I remember it was good.  🙂  So, when it disappeared from the breakfast menu a while later, we were not amused!  Normally, that would be the end of the story.

In this case, it was not.  We talked to the manager, Denise.  She explained that they are driven by the menu set at the corporate level for the chain.  We understand that, but it does not solve our problem, which is that there is no more Quiche Lorraine for breakfast!

Denise’s response was consummate customer service.  She produced a list of over half-a-dozen quiches that her baker could prepare, if we ordered them.  So, once a week we order a couple of quiches to take home.  Problem solved (the Santa Fe last night was terrific, by the way).  She even took the time to instruct her staff that, when we call to order, the day before, we have her OK.

So, you see why I am writing about this.  That is the attitude and creativity that we strive for in every Support For Home employee, whether it is in the office or a Home Care Aide in our clients’ homes.  To do less would be to disappoint not only our clients and their families, but Denise!


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