It’s Senior Care – Do The Right Thing

Some folks in the industry feel that there is a fight for customers between Assisted Living (with a variety of levels of support) and Home Care. Some of know that is not what it is about at all. For those of us with a passion for senior care, it is about the living solution that is the best fit for the elder client and her or his family.
That is the situation for Support For Home In-Home Care and Senior Care Solutions, for example, in the Sacramento region. We and others who are committed to our clients’ well-being work together to look for what is best for them. As Carol Kinsel, owner of Senior Care Solutions puts it, “if you always do what’s right, good things will follow.” Our individual businesses will continue to grow and prosper, because we focus on what is right for the client and the family.
Over time, that best living situation may well change. For some seniors, the best option is to live at home until they pass. For others, a time is reached when, economically or medically or for other reasons, an alternative is needed. It may be that a memory care unit is appropriate, for example.

At Support For Home, we have had clients who needed to move from their home of 30 years to assisted living. We look to Senior Care Solutions to help them, and we do so with confidence. If the family calls Senior Care Solutions, but the “right” situation is staying at home, with excellent home care, Carol and her team turn to Support For Home or one or two other top quality home care agencies.
We will be continuing the dialogue about “doing what’s right” in these pages, covering a variety of elder care topics. We would love to see your comments and suggestions.
Best wishes,
Carol Kinsel
Bert Cave

One response to “It’s Senior Care – Do The Right Thing

  1. We should find out if Assisted Living or Home Care is the most right option for seniors depending on their health conditions and amount of assistance required.However Seniors prefer to live in their own homes.
    Senior Care at Home


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