We Talk About Comprehensive Plans of Care

One of the most important concerns for us at Support For Home is that when we do a (free) assessment of new clients that we do a comprehensive assessment, looking at all areas of need, not just non-medical home care.

It is because of this focus, knowing that we can only provide a slice of the services pie that most of our clients need, that our Director of Client Services is an MSW (Masters in Social Work).  Providing great service starts with understanding need.

Over the years, we have managed to identify great allies who can provide services that address other slices of the pie within a comprehensive plan of care.  Some are local; some are national.  Some we know personally; some we know by reputation.

From time to time, we will list a few providers of services or products that folks who need assistance with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) might find useful.  We would be delighted to hear your comments and suggestions on this topic.

Assistive Technology Services – These folks have a great variety of products in the areas of Mobility, Vision, Hearing, Security Home Automation, and Communicating.

Rebuilding Together – This is a national non-profit organization.  Their message is that they create “affordable, safe and efficient housing. Our vision is that all homeowners, particularly low-income seniors, live independently in comfort and safety in their own home. We accomplish our mission through home repairs and modifications on existing homes.”  The Sacramento office is fantastic in terms of home safety for our clients.

Bay Alarm Medical – Most of the technology of various companies providing emergency alert products, including bracelets and pendants, is pretty standard.  The responsiveness to and cost for our clients is what separates one provider from another.

We will have more “useful resources” in future blogs.  Again, we would be delighted to have your opinions and suggestions.

Best wishes, Bert


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