We Wish We Could Help Every Single Person, But …

This is a tough topic, as we wish that we could help every family that asks us to assist someone.  However, every good (read “honest”) home care agency will tell you that once in a while there is someone that we just know we will not be able to satisfy. 

In our case, that happens maybe only once per year, but it hurts when it does happen.  It hurts not from a business perspective — we have plenty of clients for whom we are doing a great job at Support For Home, and we continue to grow rapidly in the Sacramento region.

Rather, it hurts because this is a person who really does need help with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and IADLs, or the family would not have contacted us.  To know, from the assessment, that we will not be able to make a person happy, no matter how good the care will be, is both frustrating and sad.  Our Home Care Aides are professional.  They know it is “all about the client,” not about them.  However, there is always a limit to what we ask our employees to accept.

To quote the Philosopher, “Arrrrrggghhhh!”


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