When the Family Home Just Doesn't Work Anymore

At Support For Home, our goal – our passion – is to help our clients live safely in their homes, with a high quality of life.  That will never change.  There are many services that can help folks stay at home, including Durable Medical Equipment suppliers (e.g., hospital beds) and mobility specialists (stairlifts for example, in two-story homes – see an earlier blog on that topic).

However, for some folks, a time comes when the familiar (interesting word, yes?) home simply is no longer the right place to live.  Sometimes that means moving from a larger, two-story home to a smaller house or a condo.  Sometimes it means an assisted living facility.  For the latter, a referral service may be very helpful, but make sure you are working with the best people.  In the Sacramento region, Carol Kinsel’s Senior Care Solutions is one of the very best. 

For all of us, moving is very hard work, and probably not the favorite way to spend time.  For seniors, it can be even more frustrating, emotional and physically challenging.  In the Sacramento area, there is a company called Compassionate Relocations that can help with the move and the logistics.  They also provide assisted living referrals.

So, we will do everything in our power to help you or your loved one stay at home as long as desired.  If a decision is made that moving is the only option, make sure you choose the agencies that will help you find and move to your new residence as carefully as you chose the agency that provides homecare.  And yes, of course Support For Home provides care to residents of assisted living facilities, as well.  🙂

Best wishes, Bert


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