Stair Lifts and Homecare

I saw a tweet this morning about how stairlifts reduce the need for homecare.  At Support For Home, we think stairlifts can be extremely helpful, but, frankly, I think that is the wrong point, entirely. 

If seniors need to utilize a stairlift to stay in their multi-story home, they almost certainly need other help, as well.  Stairlifts can absolutely make it possible for seniors to stay in the home they love, providing they have support for ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and Instrumental ADLs.

When we bought our current two-story home, we knew that visits from my mother were going to be very difficult for her, without a stairlift, because her mobility would not be sufficient to climb the stairs.  So, we had one installed.  It made it possible for her to enjoy our home any time she wished.  It did not remove the need for support with other ADLs / IADLs.

Stairlifts are not cheap, but they can still be less expensive — and traumatic — than disrupting our clients’ lives and homes and forcing a move.  It is something we always look at as we do homecare client assessments, putting together a comprehensive plan of care.  We do not sell or install stairlifts, or make a penny from them, but we make sure we know great resources for our clients, to help them stay at home.


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