Find a Reason Not To …

In our homecare agency, our HR / Care Services Manager has to deal with the tension between two very clear expectations that we have.  

  1. The first is to find all of the Home Care Aides that want to become employees of Support For Home.  To do this, she visits all of the schools in the area that have Certified Nurse Assistant and Certified Home Health Aide programs, sanctioned by the State of California.  She also participates in employment fairs.  And, of course, she gets lots of referrals from our own employees.
  2. The second expectation is that for every job applicant, our Care Services Manager will work very hard to find a reason not to hire them.  We want only the very best Home Care Aides working at Support For Home.  Our employees are the heart and soul of our homecare agency, so hiring and retaining great people is our mission.

Our advice to all families looking for homecare for a loved one is to do the very same thing.  Find only the best agencies, grill them in the interview process (using the questions and standards we talk about on our Web site, at, and work hard to find a reason not to hire each one.  You do not want an agency that is “good enough.”  When you make the hardest decision that a family can make, about who will provide care to a loved one, you want only the best.

We strive to be the best, one employee at a time.


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