Dangers of Falling

We received an email from the folks at Bay Alarm Medical that has some interesting, if scary, facts:

• 1 out of 3 seniors will fall every year.

• 1 out of 7 women will break their hip; 50% of them will end up in a nursing home.

• 90% of fall victims responded to in the “Golden Hour” (the first hour) will return home to independent living.

• 97% of those that do not receive care for 12 or more hours will lose their independence.

• The average response time for a senior incapacitated in their home is 17.5 hours.

The message is one that we endorse at Support For Home.  If you are a senior living at home — especially if you are living alone — an emergency alarm system, with a pendant or bracelet button you can push for help, is a very important investment.

For that matter, such a system is a great idea, we feel, for anyone who is living alone, regardless of age.  Someone thirty years of age who falls down some stairs and breaks a leg needs help too!  If the phone is two rooms away, dragging yourself there is not the best plan.  I don’t want to challenge anyone’s sense of macho independence, but think about it. 



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