Home Care Sometimes Means Mourning

Support For Home provides in-home care for our clients and emotional and respite support for their families.  In fact, our clients and their families are really part of our own extended family.

There is very little that can surpass the emotional gratification of being successful in extending our clients’ ability to live at home, safely and with good quality of life. 

When, as occasionally happens, a client moves to another area or needs to move to a skilled nursing facility, we are saddened, but we understand such choices are sometimes the right answer (see our recent blog on making such decisions).

However, when a client passes away, the pain is intense and the mourning is very real.  Losing a member of our extended family isn’t just a phrase, it’s very personal.  We run a professional operation, exercise professional judgment and so forth, but we are with our client sometimes every day of the week.  The connection is not simply a business relationship.  It’s a personal bond.

Do we continue to provide in-home care, in spite of losing extended family members, on occasion?  Of course we do.  The rewards are immediate and the memories are forever.  Seeing the smile on a man’s face, on his 87th birthday, because we took him some of his favorite custard tarts, is worth every bit of worry — and potential eventual pain — associated with developing that emotional bond.

So, to our clients and to their families, thank you for being part of our lives and letting us be part of your extended families.  Bert and Siew Pheng


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