Emergency Alert System – Don’t Be Home Without It

One of the simplest things that we can all do, to protect ourselves at home — especially if we live alone, is to wear a bracelet or necklace with a button we can push if we fall or have some other medical emergency. There are many such personal alarm products / services on the market, just as there are many alarm systems for our houses.

For our own clients, believe in this service so strongly that, if we provide at least 20 hours of care per week, we actually pay for the installation and monthly fee for the personal alarm. When we are not with our clients, we want to know — and their families to know — that help is a simple button push away. If anything happens, after emergency services are notified, so are we. We can then provide fast help, ourselves.

You can find a link to a company we work with on our Useful Resources page, on our Web site. In addition to the alarm bracelet or pendant, most companies have a lockbox service, where you can put a key to the home. Emergency services gets the lockbox code from the alarm company, so nobody has to break down a door! 🙂

If you have any questions about these services or other areas of living at home as a senior, give us a call (916) 482-8484 or send an email to info@supportforhome.com.


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